“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms”


In the past 10 years there have been over 50 reported and confirmed political scandals in Brazil. Now, with the possibility of former president Lula being prosecuted for his wrongdoings, will the situation finally change?

Brazil is going through a tumultuous political situation and the spotlight has just been turned to former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

After ongoing investigations for the past two years, a operation led by the Federal Police has caused thunderstorms for corrupt politics, and among the accused is Lula, a president who was previously seen as a unique leader and a political phenomenon.

With over 80% of approval during his presidential term, Lula has made the news plenty of times, however, the reason for his popularity has changed in the last few months.

In a political novel of epic proportions, at the other side of the stage is federal judge Sergio Moro, who gained national fame for commanding the operation’s prosecutions.

But even if Lula is found guilty, a flashy storm of charges and arrests cannot eradicate the roots of corruption in a country pervaded with colonial mannerisms. Even though guilty politics will be put away, this might just futurely encourage more sophisticated behaviour from corrupt parties, something that has happened in the past and originated the recent scandals in the first place.

Brazil’s federal police is trying to use a short term solution, with high media visibility, to fix a long term problem. A problem that can only be fixed through years of large investments in education and a lot of dedication in transparency from the government, something Brazil has hardly, if ever, seen.

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What brings students to Vancouver? Understanding BC’s popularity as a educational destination

Vancouver brings millions of people to Canada every year. Of course, most only spend a few days enjoying their holidays, but a large number of these visitors stay here for more than that. Vancouver boasts 38 public and over 500 registered post-secondary private institutions, with nearly half a million enrolled students – many coming from other places. Thousands of students from other provinces and almost one third of all international students in Canada live in BC.


(Chart extracted from BC’s International Education Strategy)

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5 Things you didn’t know about the Vancouver SpaceCentre

Maybe you knew the H.R MacMillan Planetarium was gifted to the city of Vancouver in 1968 by lumber magnate H.R. MacMillan, but did you know these 5 things about Vancouver’s Space Centre?

The six-metre tall stainless steel crab in the front entrance of the planetarium. The sculpture was designed by Vancouver artist George Norris as a gift from the women of the Vancouver Centennial Committee, in celebration of Canada’s 100th birthday. (MacLaren McCann)

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Compass Card – Interviews

A few opinion quotes about the Compass Card changes.

Damon Pickett, student (on the use of paper fares vs. plastic reusable cards)

“It doesn’t make sense to produce any kind of material that is just going to get wasted when there’s a more efficient, environmentally friendly way to do it”


Mike Laanela, BCIT instructor (on the Compass Card change)

“It was very complicated and very expensive. […] But I think it was worthwhile”


Sean Gray, student (on the Compass system)

“Any opportunity to encourage a simple system that you can charge the card from your home is an improvement”

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Stranded Marine Animals Rescued in BC

Over the past week, Parks Canada and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre helped save two stranded animals – a Guadalupe Fur Seal and a Green Sea Turtle – which are rarely seen in Canada.


This Guadalupe Fur Seal was rescued last Friday (Vancouver Aquarium)

The Guadalupe Fur Seal is usually found off the coast of California, and breeds near Mexico’s Guadalupe island, while the Green Sea Turtle usually lives in the warmer waters around Hawaii. Continue reading

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Night School gallery

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How to use images online

Phone camera, Web & Screen grab


Whistler (Phone)


Whistler (Web)


Whistler (Screengrab)

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